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Experienced firm in Bronx and Westbury challenges prosecutors and police

Once you’ve been accused of a crime or traffic offense, you may believe — as many New Yorkers do — that the system is stacked against you. There are plenty of reasons to feel this way, especially when authorities are using their power to pressure you into surrendering your rights. At times like these, you need a tough, seasoned attorney to even the odds. Edelman, Krasin & Jaye PLLC has aggressively represented clients in criminal defense cases since 1952. From offices in Westbury and the Bronx, our firm battles for defendants in the five boroughs and Nassau and Suffolk counties. In providing you with the strongest possible defense, we actively challenge the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses so that you receive fair treatment at all times and have the best chance to win a dismissal, acquittal or fair plea bargain.

Tough advocates represent clients in a full range of felony matters

Felony crimes, particularly ones where violence is alleged, can result in sentences that run for many years, even decades. Our firm’s successful track record in these high-stakes cases gives clients an advantage against felony prosecutions for crimes such as:

  • Homicide — Regardless of the case facts, our lawyers are committed to safeguarding legal protections for people accused of murder and manslaughter. With a thorough understanding of the relevant code, our attorneys will explain if a reduction in charges or manageable sentence is possible.
  • Gun and weapons crimes — New York has stringent laws concerning firearms and also prohibits certain knives and other types of weapons. Our firm represents New Yorkers charged under the NY SAFE Act and other criminal statutes.
  • Sexual offenses — Accusations of rape and other sex crimes can harm your reputation even if the matter never makes it to court. We review the circumstances in detail and work tirelessly to unearth the truth when parties and witnesses have different accounts.

Starting with a free initial consultation, we’ll give you the information you need, when you need it, to make smart choices about your situation.

Knowledgeable attorneys press for fair treatment in drug crime cases

While New York laws have become more lenient when it comes to the personal use of marijuana, state and federal penalties remain severe for convictions of the possession, sale and manufacture of controlled substances. Selling drugs unlawfully is a felony in the state, triggering a prison sentence that runs at least one year and could be much longer depending on the amount and substance involved. We look to find issues with the police investigation process that could have tainted the evidence against a defendant and advocate for a resolution that gives defendants with a substance abuse problem a better alternative to incarceration.

Skillful advisers assist New Yorkers cited for traffic offenses

Everyone knows the challenges that come with driving in the New York metropolitan area, including the risk of receiving a traffic citation that you don’t deserve. Whether you’ve been given a speeding ticket or accused of misdemeanor reckless driving, it’s worth exploring every possible legal defense. Moving violations and other traffic charges are based on mistaken impressions or police testimony that can be easily disproven. We treat these matters with the seriousness they deserve and help you avert unjust penalties such as fines, license suspensions and insurance rate hikes.

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Edelman, Krasin & Jaye PLLC delivers strong criminal defense to New Yorkers throughout the five boroughs as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties. To schedule a free initial consultation at our Bronx or Westbury, Long Island office, call 855-507-4984 or contact us online.

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